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Playful Playground Equipment To Turn Your Unexciting Playtime Into a Delightful and Thrilling One!

Here at Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd., we believe in inspiring playtime. With extensive years of experience as one of the most eminent outdoor playground equipment manufacturers and suppliers in India, we engineer quality-made playground equipment well-suited to your needs and budget. Not just that, we supply fully custom-made and strength-built playground equipment from Playground swings to Open gym equipment, to HDPE playground equipment across India.

Welcome To Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd.

Top Playground Swing Manufacturers in Amravati

Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest Playground Swing Manufacturers In Amravati, who is specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality, adaptable and affordable equipment for residential and commercial settings. Within a few years, we have successfully installed HDPE Outdoor Playground Equipment in different corners and have earned excellent credibility in the playground industry for our unmatched quality and exceptional customer support.

We know that by caring about our products and clients' expectations, we have made a difference in the domain and have possibly the best to offer Swing, Spring Rider, and HDPE Playground Equipment to HDPE Play System In Amravati. We hold rich experience and expertise that we incorporate in designing, manufacturing and developing standard and custom products.

By catering to different playground requirements with the best range, we have built our reputation among Multiplay Slide Exporters and Suppliers In Amravati. We have broad options at budget-friendly rates to meet your diverse demands. Drop your requirements or dial our number to discuss more.

Why Choose Us
Quality & Durability

We assure the quality & durability of every playground equipment.

Custom Solutions

Our speciality is building custom playground equipment in different themes, styles and strengths.

On-time Delivery

We always accommodate on-time delivery and superior customer.

Experience Matters

We at Kidzlet have extensive years of experience as India’s highly eminent outdoor playground equipment manufacturer.

Cost-effective & Efficient

We offer quality-built and efficient playground equipment within budget.

After-sales Services

More than just a playground equipment manufacturer, we offer installation and maintenance services across India

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  • Preeminent Playground Equipment Manufacturers

    Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. – one of the resourceful Playground Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi, has grown through leaps and bounds. These days, kids are more obsessed with online games than offline, which leads to health, social and mental issues. Therefore, it has become crucial for almost every society to add Outdoor Playground Equipment and Open Gym Equipment to their parks or grounds. It lures kids and encourages them to indulge in outdoor play, which is significant for their overall growth.

    Playground Equipment
  • Trusted Open Gym Equipment Manufacturers

    Finding one of the foremost Open Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi is easier said than done. But don’t you worry, Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. has got you. Designed for harsh outdoor environments, Open Gym Equipment combines outdoor activities with natural light and sensory stimulation that encourage healthy behaviour. Being 100% eco-friendly, Outdoor Gym Equipment requires no electricity and requires low maintenance and human resources for installation and proper management.

    Open Gym Equipment
  • Trustworthy Outdoor Fitness Equipment Manufacturers

    Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd., since 2015, has been leading among Outdoor Fitness Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi. We have the best outdoor exercise machines that help communities be more active and combat several severe health issues. We create fitness-inspired Outdoor Fitness Equipment that is safe and suitable for all, regardless of age, ability and gender.

    Outdoor Fitness Equipment
  • Leading Open Park Exercise Equipment Manufacturers

    Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. – one of the best Open Park Exercise Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi, offers all types of Open Gym Machine under one roof. Exercise is significant for one and all, and most people overlook it for many reasons, and one among them is costly gym memberships. Therefore, installing Open Park Exercise Equipment within your society or open ground would be beneficial as it makes exercise accessible for all for free. It encourages more people to take a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

    Open Park Exercise Equipment
  • Noted Outdoor Playground Equipment Manufacturers

    In a short span, despite the market competition, Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. today has become one of the best Outdoor Playground Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi. Outdoor Playground Equipment is made with durable materials to withstand intense use for several years. From the most basic to bold ones, we have several designs of HDPE Playground Equipment to leave you stunned and attract little toddlers to it.

    Outdoor Playground Equipment
  • Prominent Kids Outdoor Multiplay Equipment Manufacturers

    Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. – one of the noted Kids Outdoor Multiplay Equipment Manufacturers in Delhi, has the best Outdoor Playground Equipment to revolutionize your outdoor playground. A playground is a children's heaven on earth that encourages little minds to develop and learn new things while getting educated. So, we bring the Kids Outdoor Multiplay Equipment that encourages outdoor play.

    Kids Outdoor Multiplay Equipment

Playground Slide That Brings Immediate Fun!

At Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. we are one of the prominent Playground Slide Manufacturers and suppliers In India (Noida-based playground equipment manufacturer & supplier) specialising in engineering a wide range of fully custom and cost-effective playground slides well-suited to your needs.


The playground slide has everything for every kid. Whether it is dinosaur-themed, jungle adventure or jungle safari-themed, we have you covered.

Custom Designs

We specialise in designing custom playground slides. From wave slides to spiral slides to double slides to mountain slides, we can meet every taste and interest.


Those who want to add a touch of brilliant colours to their playspace can opt for bright-coloured and vibrant playground slides.

From Fantasy To Making It A Reality: Your Trusted Themed Playground Equipment Designers!

Kidzet’s artistic team of designers and manufacturing specialists can bring playground imagination to life. Whether it be a breathtaking butterfly theme, Joyful jungle-safari or dinosaur theme, we at Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. have you covered. With years of manufacturing excellence and expertise as a trusted playground equipment and playground slides manufacturer, we design and build themed playground equipment (including slides) and accessories according to your interests and needs.

Happy Words From Happy Clients

We hold a market reputation among top Outdoor Playground Equipment Manufacturers, and no, we are not bragging. Look what our clients have to say about our products and services.


Very good quality products and highly professional team. Thank you very much for being polite throughout the process and helping us while making the selection.


We would like to say a big thanks to the entire team for your professional assistance throughout the installation. We are happy with the product and your support and would refer your name to our circle.


Best platform for buying all types of Outdoor Gym Machines. Their products are exceptionally great, and we are beyond just impressed.


We would like to say a big thanks to the entire team for your professional assistance throughout the installation. We are happy with the product and your support and would refer your name to our circle.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Kidzlet Is Counted Among The Most Eminent Playground Equipment Manufacturers?
Frequently Asked Questions Kidzlet

At Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd., we believe in offering high-quality, custom and cost-effective playground equipment well-suited to every unique need. Our wide range of playground equipment comes in unique strength, styles and shapes that match every interest and preference. Consistent quality and convenience in delivery are two main reasons why our customers always stay loyal to us. Custom playground solutions the another reason why we are the first and foremost choice over other playground equipment manufacturers and suppliers in India

What Are The Most Popular Playground Equipment You Have?
Frequently Asked Questions Kidzlet

We have a wide range of indoor and outdoor playground equipment for any play space. Whether you are reinstalling playground slides or looking to add multiplay stations to your playspace, we have you covered. Here is a list of our most popular playground equipment which has already been backed by our clients across India:- 


  • Multiplay station 
  • Playground slide
  • Merry-go-round
  • Rope Play
  • Open Gym Equipment
  • Club House Playzone
  • Climb N Swing Playcentre
  • HDPE Playground Equipment
  • Themed playground accessories 
Do You Test The Soil Before Installing The Playground Slide?
Frequently Asked Questions Kidzlet

Yes, we are the ones who test the soil before installing the Playground Slide. We take safety as our foremost priority. We check the site to avoid any risk. The soil testing is necessary to check whether it has the quality to withstand the weight of the Playground Slide. After analyzing the soil, we can understand its status and install the Playground Slides accordingly.

Is Your Playground Slide Safe For Use In Any State?
Frequently Asked Questions Kidzlet

Yes, all our equipment is capable of meeting every standard. So it is safe to use in your state. All the equipment meets or exceeds the national guidelines. So feel free to buy them without thinking about anything.

Can you build custom playground equipment?
Frequently Asked Questions Kidzlet

At  Kidzlet Play Structures Pvt. Ltd. Our speciality is designing and building custom playground equipment that caters to the unique interests and needs of our clients while staying within budget. We are a well-equipped playground equipment manufacturers that specialises in engineering high-performance and quality playground equipment and accessories using modern technology. 

Do you offer Playground Equipment Installation Services?
Frequently Asked Questions Kidzlet

Undoubtedly yes, we offer end-to-end services. We are more than just a playground equipment manufacturing company based in Noida. Our complete range of services includes playground equipment design and engineering, supply, installation, and safety inspection all while staying within budget.

Where Do You Supply Your Playground Equipment?
Frequently Asked Questions Kidzlet

We supply our complete range of playground equipment throughout India. We also provide installation and maintenance services.

Looking For Some More Assistance?

Let our experts help you buy Playground Equipment or Open Gym Equipment according to your needs.

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